Terms Of Use

Acceptance of Terms of Use Agreement

By registering on Love UAE, you agree to these Terms of Use, Community Guidelines and safety tips which is a main requirement in order to become a member. If you don’t agree on any of these, you are not allowed to use the service.


Love UAE membership is for:

- UAE Nationals and Citizens - Residents of UAE - Non-residents of UAE - Persons who are interested to get married

Upon being a member, you are confirming that you are:

- You are on the legal age. For a woman, you must be 18 years old and above. For man, you should be 21 years old and above in order to be permitted to join the Love UAE. - If you are from different country, you must comply on the laws of the country of the person that you are interested to marry with. - If you have applied for a divorce before, you must state it in your profile.

For an instance that you are registering in behalf of someone such as your relatives or friends, you must have their consent for creating profiles for them.


Love UAE is expecting that you will only put accurate details upon registering on this website. You need to complete all the requirements for you to be a successful member.

You are required to put your mobile number and email address to be a registered member.

Love UAE has the right to terminate the account if it is found to be inaccurate or the essential details are not completed.

Duplicate accounts are not allowed in Love UAE. It must be 1 account – 1 person only. If the user didn’t follow the rules, the Love UAE has the right to suspend or delete the account.

Account Security & Privacy

As the owner of the account, you are the one who is responsible in setting up your profile, completing your registration and most especially your password. You are the only one who can access your username, password and the OTP using your registered mobile number.

If you think that someone is using your account without your permission, you can directly report it to us so we can able to provide immediate actions.


If you are willing to use paid services, you can pay it through our mode of payments. If you failed to pay it, your account will be suspended and we will only activate it until you settle your payments.


The payment that has successfully made by the user is not transferrable to another account and not refundable.


After registering on Love UAE, all the decision on how you will you going to use it is on your hands. You fully understand and agree with the services that we will provide to you.

Love UAE is liable for any circumstances that can arise in relation to:

- Payment for the services that has rendered. - Inaccurate personal information - Non-consent account or registered accounts for another person - Cybercrime committed by any registered user - Violating the community guidelines - Love UAE is not liable in whatever is happening in video call, chat messages, emails, social media post and etc. - Love UAE is not also liable in any damages that may occur in regards to the equipment and other devices that is connected to using of Love UAE.


By registering to Love UAE, you agree to defend this matrimony website, its partners, subsidiaries, agents and other associates.


Love UAE has the right to terminate your account in case you:

- Provided incomplete or fake details (name, contact number, address, email and etc.) - Registered the personal details of other person without their consent. - Committed illegal activities while using the website - Have been reported by other registered users for violating the community guidelines.