Welcome to Love UAE Private Policy. In this section, we explains how we collect and protect your information and with whom we are sharing it. As you read our Terms of Use, we are collecting personal information from the user upon registration. We design this website not just for merely fun but we ensure that we will be respecting your privacy. We have provided this privacy policy in order to keep the transparency between the Love UAE and its users.

Membership Information

When you register in Love UAE, we may need personal information from you such as:

  • Name
  • Email Address
  • Mobile Number
  • Gender
  • Date of Birth
  • Age
  • Photos
  • Address
  • Sexual Preference
  • Interest (Likes & Dislikes)

You are also required to create password for your account upon Registration. We may also send account verification or OTP on the email address or mobile number that you have provided. It helps the Love UAE to let only verified users to use the website. In case that you would want to change your personal details or edit something from it, you are allowed to do.

Children’s Privacy

Love UAE is only for 18 years old and above. We do not allow users who are under the age of 18 and it is one of the reasons why we are collecting personal information from every user who are about to register.

You can file a report to us if you encounter minors that are using the Love UAE so we can do legal actions about it.


We protect your information against loss, illegal access and misuse. As a user, you can also secure the protection of your account by:

  • 1. If you are not using your own device, please make sure that you log out your account to make sure that no one will use it.
  • 2. Please make sure that you don’t share your passwords to anyone to prevent it from loss or misuse.
  • 3. If you feel like someone has access to your account without your consent, you may change your password

Revisions of Policy

We may revise our Privacy Policy anytime. As a registered user, you must check all the changes but rest assured that we will notify you with those changes through an email or account notification.